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Calling is the best way to connect with Scott Petersen, the Reptile Man. You can call him directly at (425) 750-6660. During the spring and summer time he gets very busy with phone calls so please give him 48 hours to get back to you not including Saturdays and Sundays. If his voicemailbox is full, please send him a text message letting him know it is full with your information so he can reach out to you. If you leave him a voicemail please leave the following information. 
1. organization or company name (if applicable)
2. phone number 
3. dates you are looking at 
4. city where reptile show will be completed
5. other relevant information



*PLEASE READ: Please note that Scott makes his phone calls his top priority and does not like to do the initial booking over email or texting. Please use email only when necessary to do invoices, contracts, etc. 
*If Scott is taking too long to get back to you feel free to call his daughter April Jackson and you can either book directly with her (she has a completely different set of animals and pricing structure) or ask her to help you connect with him. Her phone number is (425) 263-2368 and her email is 

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